Why choose Oxymagic for Carpet Cleaning?


"Thanks so much for the great job you did cleaning our carpeting, especially those red wine stains!  Like you said it would, the carpeting dried very quickly. You were on time, and I like the fact that you use green products.  You’ll have my future business for sure!"
--Karen Mosko, New Brighton


Average Dry Time is One Hour*

Because we use less water in our process there is less water that needs to dry out of the carpet. As a result, youcan start walking on the carpet in as little as 30 minutes.


No Toxic Chemicals

We do not use any harsh or toxic chemicals in our cleaning process. They are environmentally friendly and won’t agitate your skin like some detergents can. They are safe for both children and pets.






Oxymagic's Carpet Cleaning System

Oxymagic carpet cleaners provide excellent carpet cleaning services. Each carpet cleaning franchise is individually owned and operated by people that are passionate about clean carpets. Throughout the lifetime of your carpets, the fibers are subjected to the day to day under-foot grind of typical household spills, dirt, children, and pets. After a while, it can all take its toll.


Oxymagic uses the power of oxygen to clean a wider spectrum of soils that other cleaners may not get out. With the Oxymagic system, average dry time is reduced to 30 to 90 minutes, compared to 24 hours with steam cleaners. As a result, it eliminates the potential for old stains to return and for mold and mildew to form.


Oxymagic's NaturesWay® cleaning solution and process provides a healthier home environment from common household contaminants. Oxymagic’s removal of common contaminants will ensure a cleaner home environment for you and your family.




"Tammy and Mark with Oxymagic of Anoka County cleaned the carpet and area rug in my home. It was easy to schedule and they arrived on time. Most of the carpet is well worn and I really did not expect much for the results. I was wrong, the carpet looks great and there was no downtime for it to dry. They were even able to clean the area rug on the wood floor with no water damage to the floor. Just don't let them show you what comes out of the rugs; you really don't want to know. New carpet would have been the only improvement; Oxymagic was much cheaper than that. Thanks! Tammy and Mark for a great job" --Barbara Zuleger, Ramsey





Carpet Cleaning History

For many years, customers thought that the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner - which resulted in carpets that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled like mold & mildew. In the 1970’s the bonnet cleaning method was introduced - which was similar to an industrial buffer scrubbing the floor resulting in distorted carpet fibers which really didn't pull much dirt out of the carpet.



Oxymagic revolutionized carpet cleaning! Our method makes sense! We use a SAFE NON-TOXIC cleaner developed EXCLUSIVELY for use by our franchise owners. Combine our cleaner with a carpet cleaning machine that actually LIFTS THE DIRT OUT of the carpet and you have a method that CUSTOMERS LOVE! Gone are the days of wet, moldy, and not-so-clean carpet. Oxymagic offers a revolutionary way to get carpets clean.


Carpet stays cleaner longer & dries in 30 to 90 minutes!

NaturesWay® - the GREENER Carpet Cleaner!




"I would recommend Oxymagic to anyone who needs carpet and upholstery cleaning. Tammy was great giving me all the information I requested with an accurate price. When Mark came out to clean my carpet and my chairs he was very professional and my carpet and chairs looked almost new when he was done! I love how the carpet is ready to walk on almost right away!" --Jason Matt




*Based on average dry time. Factors that may increase or decrease the dry time of your carpet include, but are not limited to, humidity/level of dirty/stains/etc.

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